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Rohingya in Aceh

A Lesson of Islam and Democracy From Indonesia

(Participating FPCI Writing Competition)

By : Masnur
"Boat People" represents a Rohingya ethnic condition who living in the boat sailing to the ocean without an unclear direction in the long time. They have left Myanmar since they had been getting a discrimination from Junta Military as the isolated ethnic so that they migrated to some neighbour countries on large scale. One of the countries is Indonesia.
Remembering one year of the Rohingya arrival on May 15th 2015 in Aceh-Indonesia, it raises some polemics either in society or in government. It’s also raises a pro and cons perspective. Apart from it, of course, it brings a lesson for Acehnese and Indonesian generally. Therefore, there is a question that arises, what are the lesson that can be taken from the disembarkation of Rohingya in Aceh land?
Aceh is the porch city of Mecca, of course the majority is moslem. Based on BPS data in 2010 amounted to 4,413,244 Acehnese with the percentage of moslem amounted to 98.19%,[1] consisting of several tribe they are Aceh, Aceh Jamee, Alas, Gayo, Tamiang Malay, Javanese, and others.
Aceh has special laws or known as Qanun, it is the result of the MOU between Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM) and Indonesian government after the both peaced to end the conflict pasca Tsunami, 2005. The contents of the agreement is the implementation of islamic laws (Syari’at Islam) as the basic laws in Aceh. It is as identity of the porch city of Mecca since the entry of Islam in Peureulak land, East Aceh.
The positive thing from the implementation of the islamic laws in Aceh is it has created a religious and cultured society which rest on islamic values. This is evident from the attitudes and actions of Aceh fishermen who help Rohingya at sea. And the response of Acehnese who help Rohingya and Bangla immigrants to provide assistance either food or clothes regarldess of the ethnic background and religious differences. It can be seen  from all the Acehnese making a line that looks to approximately 2 kms. In order to provide the best and decent support.
With the existence of religious and civiled society show the world that how the union, unity, and sense of brotherhood among fellow moslem actually implemented in Aceh land.
With the response of moslem to this humanitarian disaster shows the world that Islam is the religion which emphasizes the values ​​of monotheism to Allah SWT, upholds the human values ​, and respects the human rights to life and get help when the disaster or hardship. That is according to the nature of Islam as a religion rahmatan lil Alamin.
As rahmatan lil Alamin religion, Islam unites all moslem from the different countries and backgrounds, including Indonesia and the Rohingya are currently facing the humanitarian disaster because of the discrimination. It is evident from various society feedback on the needs and rights to help Rohingya regardless of their status, state or stateless. The cornerstone in helping moslem are as follows:

103. And hold fast by the convenant of Allah all together and be not disunited, and remember the favor of Allah on you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts so  by His favor you became brethren; and you were on the brink of pit a fire, then He saved from it, thus does Allah make clear to you His communications that you may follow the right way.

As the transit country for the Rohingya Refugees, Indonesia is particularly Langa as an important learning models for ASEAN that have not the framework of the policy of ASEAN refugees which is facing the big refugee problem.[2] This becomes an extraordinary appreciation as regions that implemented the Islamic laws and democracy.  Because even if only as a transit country for the Rohingya Refugees, Langsa-Indonesia has been able to contribute in the form of the development of standard operational procedure (SOP) and ethic code issued in the employment guidelines, humanitarian aid management to refugees. Either directly or  indirectly dan either nationally or internationally Indonesia has given voice to human rights for the sake freedom althought Indonesia is not the member of the country that signed the Jenewa MOU about the Refugees. The fact that Indonesia as the democracy country has biggest moslem population is able to open an opportunity for the refugees to find out the human rights.
The Attitudes, actions, and response of the moslem society and the government of Indonesia are an example for the world toward similar cases. With it, they can help each other and they certainly can save the life of hundreds Rohingya and Bangla immigrants were floating in the oceans. It deserves our highest appreciation to the Aceh moslem society and Indonesian generally and the government, because in the era of globalization is not all the people and countries willing to accept the arrival of Rohingya. In the turn, they have rejected the presence of Rohingya who need help, for the example is some neighboring country with Indonesia.
From exegesis above we can summarize the conclusions and lessons learned from the experience faced by our religion and nation that attempts to help people who need help and assistance is an obligation for us as moslems who believe and pious regardless of the ethnic background, culture, and religion.

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