Jumat, 19 Agustus 2016

We Call that Lovely Debating Family

       Hello guys, yesterday was so happy and tiring day. For two days I and my best friends, Khairul Anuar and Kakak Olive was hung out together for celebrating Independence day of Indonesia, exactly on August 17th-18 2016 at Lapangan Merdeka Kota Langsa and the next day we went to Hutan Lindung. There was a special day for us because we have special one from Netherland. Her name is Linde Lamboo. three of us like to be a guider. So sometime we change each other to guide Kakak Linda to show her about Langsa, Aceh and the culture.

           Sometime Kakak Linda was really confuse with us cause of our habits. Yaaa you must know if three of us joining for hanging out, the situation would be crowded and noisy. It because we are never stopped to talk. Hahahahh we had many topics would be discussed even it was not the important topics. on August 18th 2016 we had a plan to make a small picnic at Hutan Lindung. It started  on Alun-alun kota Langsa and continued to Street Ahmad Yani, it was so crowded because of the festivals. We were really enjoyed them. When we arrived at Hutan Lindung Langsa many people look us maybe because it was look like uniqe because we have special one from Netherland. and sometime many of them tryied to say hello to Kakak Linda and took a picture. after that we spreaded out a pink mat. When walking to enter the Hutan Lindung area, passing a bridge, choosing a plate, story, topics we are always debate each other. It was made Kakak Linda  a little beat headache. Kakak Linda when we were debating everything she always made a straight hand and to cut our  debate after that I told to Kakak Linda "Even we always debate everything we never got mad each other. we just love when debating time it means that we sharing everything maybe good ideas tha we never got before." After I told to her, she said that it is so nice. And I told to Kakak Linda again that I love this moment maybe I will this moment. Actually I love my debating family and I ove our small picnic now.

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